Pan Seared Salmon W/ Skin On

I have been asked numerous times what the best way to cook salmon is, and for me, the answer is always skin on and pan seared straight to heaven.

Time: 10 Minutes


If you already have your fish defrosted it should take no more than ten minutes to heat your pan, prep your filet, sear your filet, and serve.

Step 1. Heat your pan

Heat your pan on medium high Heat, I recommend a Cast-Iron Skillet, but a frying pan will work just fine.


Heat the Pan on Medium High Heat

Step 2. Oil your Pan

I prefer olive or canola oil, you just want a thin layer to fry the skin up nice and crispy.


Coat the pan with oil

Step 3. Prep Your Filet

  1. Pat your fish dry with paper towel
  2. Score the skin
  3. Season the skin ( I recommend using just salt & pepper as most herbs and spices will burn in hot oil, we will get to blackening fish in a different post!)

When scoring a filet it helps to pinch the fish to get the flesh to pop up for you


I like to try to make 3-5 scores in the filet depending on how wide the filet is


Season the Skin generously with salt and pepper

Step 4. Cook the Filet

  1. Once the pan appears to be lightly smoking your oil has reached its smoke point which is typically right around 400 degrees which means your pan is hot and ready to start cooking
  2. Place the fish in the pan skin side down
  3. Season the flesh
  4. Place chefs press on fish (if you have available)
  5. Cook Skin Down for 3 minutes
  6. Flip, and cook flesh side down for 45 seconds

Sear skin side down first for 3 minutes, and season the flesh


A chefs press will help the skin cook evenly if you have one


After 3 minutes flip the filet and cook flesh down for 30 – 45 seconds

Final Step. Enjoy

A splash of lemon goes together with salmon like PB&J.


place that baby on whatever you want and enjoy.

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