Mediterranean Chicken Meal Prep

If you can find yourself a whole chicken for a reasonable price, I highly recommend this recipe for a meal prep.

I have a local grocery store that sells chickens for a buck a pound and I typically try to get a 4-5 Lb bird which will give me about 4 meals for the work week.

Meal Prep

Meals: 4

Total Cooking time: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

Price: $8 – $15


The Goal is to manage your time, so so i have tried to put the steps together in chronological order. The chicken cooks for an hour at 350 degrees and 15 minutes at 450 degrees, you will need to let the bird rest and prep your lunches, so in total this process will take about 2 hours. If you live in a big city and going out for lunch costs $10 a day, you are saving around $30 for the week, and you will look forward to eating your lunches, I promise!

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