What is a knife?

A knife is an instrument.
an instrument for chaos.
An instrument for art.
A knife is your perspective.
A malicious thought.
Or a harmonious Idea.

Where have we come to allow a knife resemble chaos?
Where are we at all?

What is the point?

The point of a knife is from your shoes to your head.

We are all knives. It is your choice if you want to be the result of something beautiful or something Tragic.

There is meaning in everything, everything that happens, and everything that is. We have a bias and preordained idea on subject matters to believe good is the opposition of evil and evil that of good. Without evil does good exist? More importantly is evil just a perspective or is it wholesome?

I urge you to find your own meaning evil rather than allow others to tell you what is and what is not.


My name is Michael Cherney, I grew up and currently reside in Chicago. I am a self taught private chef and constant thinker. I love philosophy and I love cooking, and in the two there are a lot of similarities. I am passionate to make others happier and comfortable and whether it is in my words or in my food, I am just happy to think there is a chance I can make someone smile or become more whole.

I love meeting and cooking for new people, and enjoy giving others tips in the kitchen, don’t be scared to reach out!

If you are in the Chicago Area, I would love to meet you and cook for you. All I ask is you pay for the groceries, and I will cook whatever dish/cuisine/protein you would like.

Find some more of my work on my Instagram page @ChefChern